Multi-disciplinary research conference on food and poverty in the UK: Taking stock, moving forward.



We are delighted with the breadth of research that is featured in the conference programme. We received submissions from a range of academic disciplines, including sociology, social policy, health, nutrition, geography and theology. Food insecurity research is multidisciplinary, and different disciplinary approaches can offer unique insights into the problem. We encourage all attendees to move across sessions to learn how research is approached in different fields.

Unfortunately, not all submitted abstracts could be presented over the conference days. To enable you to learn about these projects as well, where possible, we have included these abstracts in the “Reserved Abstracts” section of this programme.

We hope you will find the conference days enriching. We look forward to moving this field of research on with you and to working together towards ending food insecurity in the UK.

With best wishes


Rachel Loopstra & Hannah Lambie-Mumford